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Earth, Space & Beyond In Prophecy

How the ancients shared the secrets of TIME...revealed in Lampholder Publication’s Countdown:  Puzzle Pieces & The Mystery of Time 1999

“Invisible roads merge along a mathematical highway separated geographically by thousands

of miles until a point in Time where they symbolically converge in a Place where all roads

lead to the same celestial neighborhood.”  (Lampholder 1999)



The ancient star gazers were forewarning of a time thousands of years into the future which would mark great changes on Earth.  They were so convinced the heavens depicted a future cataclysmic event(s) on Earth, a pseudo-astronomical science evolved from their study of the cosmos -- but do not be confused  about The Mayan Calendar end date of Dec 21, 2012! 

Earth, Space & Beyond In Prophecy...As reported in The Lampholder Newsletter (1995), if you are studying the Mayan doom date of Dec 21, 2012, as evidence pointing to the end of the world, you may want to rethink your calculations especially if you ignored supporting evidence from other cultures, most specifically the Egyptians and early Hebrews’ study of cosmology.  Thanks to Dionysius  Exiguus (525 A.D.), the modernized Gregorian calendar is off  by 1 yr (actually the entire calendar system is offset by about 500 yrs.)  For example:  In the Gregorian calendar, the 21st Century actually began on 1 Jan 2001 (not 1 Jan 2000).  Of course, one must consider whether the Mayan Calendar Long Count

date includes or excludes the year “zero.”  Scholars have used both dates and interestingly all of the interpretations surround the season of Christmas, December and the Winter Solstice:

    Mayan creation date:  3114 B.C.E. or

    Astronomical (Julian) Year:  3113 B.C.E.?

    Unfortunately, when Exiguus combined the days, he omitted the year "zero," between B.C.E. 1 and 1 A.D — so the calendar jumped from B.C.E. 1 to A.D. 1, thereby missing 1 year, the year "zero."  --Were Dionysius’ revisions a "calculated" error or an error in calculation?  Perhaps the reason for the calendar change included a deflection away from the future end-date first established by Abraham evidenced in ancient cultures including both the Egyptians and Mayans.  Unfortunately, Dionysius' calculated error wouldn't be evident until almost 2,000 years later.   As a result, confusion would surround the study of eschatology, ancient prophecy known as the “end-of-days,” and the time-frame leading up to the Millennium. 


"2152"- It isn't a year; it's a number of a time.   zal'aphah   A Baktun-Mayan Riddle and Moses Tabernacle

The end of the 6th day marks precisely the 144th hour of the Seven Day week; when the old is  replaced with the new.  A Prophecy Puzzle:  The constellation, Sagittarius, the Milky Way's galactic center Draco, the dragon, is located coiled in the heavens at the point called the "absolute north."  the (ancient) Tribe of Dan, the North "terror," "the beast."


The Riddle of The Stars - A Reflection of 2012.pdf


“2152” -- It isn’t a year; it’s a number of a time, zal’aphah

Sci-fi meets science...

Magnetic Portals Connect Earth To Sun

All things on Earth and Above are interconnected in depth, height, width, and spirit. 

What affects one, influences another....

Are Volcanoes and Earthquakes Related?

Scientists Find First Real Evidence You CAN See The Future


“Prophecy...people must take comfort in the fact that the succession of world events are a part of the prophetic, and the role of prophecy doesn’t become apparent until it becomes part of the past.” 


Prophets do not wear titles or celebrity status; They are not remembered for their heroism, or like-ability...they are remembered because their words reverberate through time, quickening the

soul with fear, trembling, and the knowledge of GOD. (The Lampholder 1999)   The Prophecy Continues....

As above, as below:  In ancient cosmology the heavens were

         depicted as a vast ocean.  “A NASA spacecraft has recorded         

          eerie-sounding radio emissions coming from our own planet.

     The EARTH HUM or ”Songs of Earth”

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The study of ancient religion. Do you ever wonder, “what if it really happened?”

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Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Weather Phenomenon, Earth Hum, Wildfires

Puzzles & The Mystery of Time

Train Accidents, Railroad Disasters,

Subway & Tunnel

The Riddle of The Stars - A Reflection of 2012.pdf

Volcano Watch, Yellowstone, Worldwide Volcano News

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Prophecy Puzzles:  The outside pieces are obvious and easily fit together; but the middle, the inside puzzle pieces, sit for a long time before they connect.  

[Lampholder July 11, 2007]

Prophecy can change the course of History, but sometimes History should be left to follow the course of Destiny...