America & The World At The Crossroads

The Pivotal Year(s)

Prophecy is simply a reflective mirror...

an image of the future

in the present. 

Real Time World Statistics


...a prophetic portrait

Prophecy encompasses a vast pictorial landscape viewed by the pragmatic as descriptively vague--but to the intuitively discerning, the nature of prophecy

closely examines even the most insignificant brush stroke.

If you want to know
what happens in the tomorrow, study the prophecies of the yesterday; not every line is prophecy, or every word a symbol, nor every picture a portrait.

...History, as with prophecy--the secret lies within.

Prophecy can be a hidden gem,

like the pearl within the Pinctada, gold within the mountain,

the answer within the question, destiny within the future.



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World Stock Indices the future,

it won’t be what you see or what you hear;

it will be what you discern.

(Lampholder 2001) ode to the past dear ‘Hodós Way;’

the future belongs to God.

S. Miller [Sammi]

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Only With the heart can a person see rightly;

what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Fall Of The Roman Empire in Comparison To The U.S.pdf

The study of ancient religion. Do you ever wonder, “what if it really happened?”

"Adina" A Witness To The Resurrection.pdf

Saga Of The Blood Red Moon.pdf

Omens Of The Blood Red Moon.pdf

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Weather Phenomenon, Earth Hum, Wildfires

Puzzles & The Mystery of Time

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World Trade Center (9/11) Prophecy.pdf

Prophecy Puzzles:  The outside pieces are obvious and easily fit together; but the middle, the inside puzzle pieces, sit for a long time before they connect.  

[Lampholder July 11, 2007]

Prophecy can change the course of History, but sometimes History should be left to follow the course of Destiny...



A Part Of The Past &

A Marker For The Future

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--like the flood tide--

...impossible to count the waves but

you can see them coming.


“Prophecy...people must take comfort in the fact that the succession of world events are a part of the prophetic, and the role of prophecy doesn’t become apparent until it becomes part of the past.” 


Prophets do not wear titles or celebrity status; They are not remembered for their heroism, or like-ability...they are remembered because their words reverberate through time, quickening the

soul with fear, trembling, and the knowledge of GOD. (The Lampholder 1999)   The Prophecy Continues....

As above, as below:  In ancient cosmology the heavens were

         depicted as a vast ocean.  “A NASA spacecraft has recorded         

          eerie-sounding radio emissions coming from our own planet.

     The EARTH HUM or   ”Songs of Earth”